Silence is deafening

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I’ve found difficulty writing recently; the totally consuming Coronavirus pandemic unfolding in front of us is something that’s hard to comprehend. Looking at it and trying to make sense of it seems impossible. My poem this week is a reflection of these feelings.

Silence is Deafening

In Stillness

the Quiet


and Calm

Of the Morning


the Space

with Clear


fresh Air


the Hours


into Days

passing Slowly


like Nothing


Compares with

the Silence


Poem by Nick

Spring is emerging

green trees

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With the beginning of spring and change in seasons; I’ve chosen to base my poem this week, on the green man. In folklore the green man represents Spring and the start of new life.

The oak tree particularly, is important because it can live for 1000 years. During an oak’s lifetime and even after it has died an oak tree supports many natural species.  These can range from insects, squirrels, badgers, deer, caterpillars, stage beetles and fungi. The branches and hollows of the tree are used by birds to build their nests. Now, take a deep breath and picture yourself walking in a woodland glade.

The Old Oak Tree

Amongst a sea of green

Lichen, moss and oak leaves

Sprout from my face

 I’m the green man

Of pagan legend

Living in the trees


My gnarled weather beaten face

Watches over squirrels

Foraging the forest floor

A herd of deer feast on acorns

Almost invisible silently moving

Under the Oak, in the Wood

🌳 🌳 🌳

My presence is felt

By all who

Pass this way

I keep watch over

The constantly changing

Cycle of Life

Poem by Nick

Keep Calm and Read Books…📚

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It’s #World Book Day today, and for everyone who love’s books, and libraries; this is for you…

Visit to the library

Hi there,

Which genre today?

Is it a western?

Crime or thriller,

Romance perhaps,

Sci-fi or fantasy,

Maybe family saga,

I almost forgot, horror,

What about a biography?

Perhaps non-fiction?

A travel book?

Or Poetry…


I remember now,

No, I’m looking for,

A blue book📚

With golden letters,

I borrowed it,

Last time….

Poem by Nick