Another #Storm?

timelapse photo of trees with background of star
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Stormy Weather

Crackling in front of me

The warm glow of a fire

As I settle down to read 

The rain pours down outside

It’s another grey, murky day


Whistling around the building

Strong winds batter

Everything in it’s path

Trees sway precariously

Almost toppling over


A crescendo of sounds

Never seems to stop

How much more rain? 

From our winter storm

Wreaking havoc outside

Poem by Nick


For a love of books 📚

closeup photography of book page folding forming heart
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My Valentine’s Day love is based on a lifetime of being amongst books.

Visit to the library

Hi there,

Which genre today?

Is it a western?

Crime or thriller,

Romance perhaps,

Sci-fi or fantasy,

Maybe family saga,

I almost forgot, horror,

What about a biography?

Perhaps non-fiction?

A travel book?

Or Poetry…


I remember now,

No, I’m looking for,

A green book📚

With golden letters,

I borrowed it,

Last time….

Poem by Nick

What’s your ending to my mystery book poem today?

And, What’s mine?


Apart from poetry,

It has to be local history.

Anything historical is amazing.

But that’s another story

For another post soon…

#Wintery Sunset

backlit cold dawn daylight
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Wintery Sunset

In the cold air

Shining bright white


Dazzling my eyes


Merging into the horizon


Vibrant red shades


To orange

Paler and paler

Disappearing to

Tiny flecks of colour

Poem by Nick